libfreedb is a portable library for Win32 and POSIX-compliant-systems. It aims at offering developers a complete interface to the freedb-network and offline freedb databases.

Development is currently done only under Linux in C++ by me, Patrick Leslie Polzer; To get a plain C version and versions compiling under the platforms mentioned above, additional people are needed. If you have some time to spare (it is not a big project to maintain, but things like the whole C-Port require a lot of time in their creation phase) and have the skills to take over a part of the development, subscribe to the mailing list or contact me. Open positions are mentioned on this site here.



libfreedb is currently distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Mailing Lists

Currently two mailing lists are set up. To get more information, click on their names.

Open Positions

Open positions in the libfreedb project:


Packages are available at Sourceforge

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